J.A.Tiede PLS

New York Licensed Land Surveyor

FAA Licensed UAV Pilot

Land Surveying & Aerial Imagery

See Your Property
from a Different Angle

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photographs and Video from up to 400 feet above ground elevation.

Land Surveying

Land Surveying Services include Instrument Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Topographic Surveys, ALTA Surveys, FEMA Elevation Cerificates and LOMAs, Mapping of many various types.

3D Mapping

Using Drones (UAV) and GPS ground control, 3D Models can be built using the latest software technology available.




New Photography and Surveying Opportunities Using Drones

Most Surveys can only be completed effectively through traditional methods

but in some instances we can use the latest drone technology for a unique product.


36 Rochester Street | Warsaw, NY  14569 | wnysurveyor@msn.com | Tel: 585-786-3281 | Fax: 585-786-3281

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